More Twilight: You're welcome

I had a sincere desire to lay off the Twilight today (seriously!). And I was totally going to, but Geekologie ruined my resolve. So I present to you: My Life is Twilight. People write in and explain why their lives are so Twilight, and then people can vote: "Your life is SO Twilight!" or "Need to up the Twilight..."

I say this in all seriousness: universal happiness depends on reading this. And that is a maxim by which I will live my life. This is categorical imperative type shit (whatever, my Kant is weak, but you get the point).

An example:
Today I was sitting next to a boy in my science class, I suddenly touched his skin and said "you're pale white, and your skin is ice cold " turns out he was sick. MLIT
Today, I decided for Christmas I will be getting my boyfriend a body wash with sparkles so when he goes out in the sun he will shimmer like Edward. MLIT.
New. Favorite. Website. Although if anyone was thinking about starting a family today, maybe this will dissuade you from eventually having teenagers.


  1. This has to be some big JOKE, right? Something to laugh at, anyway. WOW. Someone show those girls what a REAL hobby looks like. PLEASE.

    Wait a minute...those aren't ALL teenage girls on there. For the sake of every other married woman in her thirties STOP GIVING US A BAD NAME!

    Case in point:
    Today I realized that since I started reading the Twilight books, every time my husband and I argue or he says something mean to me, all I can think of is "Edward would never say that/ treat me like that." MLIT

    No, your life is SAD AND EMPTY. There's a difference.

  2. *baaarf*...OK, OK. I think I feel better. Yeah throwing up seems to have helped. Oh, wait...*baaaarrrrf*

  3. I redact. There is no difference. Twilight = sad and empty. My bad.

    Was that disrespectful enough, Laura? ;)

  4. Much better Lydia. Thank you for your fine work.

  5. Laura, I cannot stop staring at MLIT. It's a trainwreck and there's more, but I don't think I can say it all here. I don't know if I should say thank you or yell at you for introducing me to it.

  6. Wow. My life has been made. In fact, I'd say that because you showed me this, MLIA.

  7. "Today I was in math and this girl had to explain the pythagorean theorem (or something like that, who really cares about triangles..anyways) so she couldn't explain it and kept on saying "Like..It's like.." so the teacher yelled "JUST SAY IT" and me and my friend screamed "VAMPIRE" at the EXACT SAME TIME. MLIT."

    My head hurts.

  8. That last one's kind of funny. Like when someone in one of my mock trials in law school said, "I want the truth," and three of us instantly belted out, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

  9. Hey Laura, Just so you know, I gave the My Life is Twilight link to my husband who works extensively with computers. He found out it's a phishing site through some digging once you put your comment through. The evidence is all on public record. I feel kind of bad for these people, anyway can we spread the word so little teen's don't get there computers ripped into?

  10. This morning in bed, my husband's feet were freezing cold. I thought, "Oooo! I bet Edward's feet feel just like this. My life is so Twilight!" until I realized it was two degrees outside! (SRSLY--gagging at the fact that I just posted that!)

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  11. Thought you might appreciate this...