What killed Jane Austen? Cows.

I'm sure some of you thought that viruses jumping from animals to people was relatively new, a la bird flu or swine flu or AIDs (all: very bad). Well guess what? It's just drug-resistant forms of these diseases from the overuse of antibiotics in our food and lifestyles that's new!

There's a new theory that Jane Austen died from cow TB. And you know what? That is super lame. But, on the plus side, if you become a really famous author, dear reader, in 200 years people will come up with all sorts of theories about what killed you (hopefully not something terribly ironic, like a huge paper cut at a book signing).


  1. One of the Brontes, Charlotte maybe? supposedly died of hyperemesis. Suitable for a Bronte sister but truly a terrible way to go. Bella just thought she had it bad getting knocked up with the vampire spawn.

  2. Haha!
    Luckily i'm not pregnant. I seem to have some virulent strain of "twilightitis" wherein the realization of some twihards obsession leads to excessive vomiting.