Pirates are everywhere, stealing your books

Two things really stuck out about this article. First the title, "Pirates find easy new pickings in open waters of e-book publishing" (ha!), and also the first line:
Digital pirates, who for years have tormented the music and film industries, have found a new source of plunder in e-book publishing.
Yes, you heard right, e-book piracy has just started. Well, okay, publishers have just kind of figured out that it exists.

But don't be worried, e-books are about to explode. Well, maybe if they get cheaper. Although your e-book is probably basically BetaMax.

In other news, if you understand the internet you can make about a billion dollars consulting for publishing. Get on it.


  1. Pirates don't scare me.

    Flu update: I have only used ONE tissue so far today. Woohoo!

  2. Shiver me timbers! Arr, they be scurvy dogs! There goes me $600 million advance. Catch them scallywags!

    Good to hear ye old British publishers be tryin'to prevent it. I wonder what ye old American publishers be doin'. Arr. Hope they don't be hirin' a bunch of sprogs and squiffies.

    Don't be fearin'. I'm on it, Laura, me hearty, I'm on it.

  3. Terry--if I could add tags to comments I would make the tag "famazing" specifically for you.

  4. Laura, Ahoy, Matey! I be raisin'me me grog to you, tonight.