The beginning of the end

Yesterday we saw a list of novel last lines, and today is a list of firsts. Check out these sweet starters.

I actually like this group better than the enders of yesterday—they're just, you know, better.


  1. I liked this list better than yesterday's.

    Iain Banks was already one of my faves, but now I have even more reason to love him (and another one of his books to add to my reading list):

    "It was the day my grandmother exploded."
    The Crow Road (#35)

  2. Wow, I could not stop reading this list once I started. Looks like I have some new books on my reading list! ;)

  3. These are great! Thanks for posting them.

  4. I think Moby Dick is one that has a better ending line than a first... but you're right, most of the first lines are better! It's awesome to have them side-by-side like this.

  5. Ah, I see that I also like the last line of Catch-22 better than the first...