The internet has punctuation?

The answer is yes. Check out this chart, comparing regular punctuation to internet punctuation. The difference is that the internet sucks at punctuation. Please note that:
While "You have cancer of the :" may be the most efficient way to deliver a diagnosis of colon cancer over Instant Messenger, one should strive for clarity when using punctuation.
Punctuation and grammar are here to help, friends. Don't be anti-punctuation. That shit gets you e-mocked for e-ternity.


  1. Okay, you just made my Monday a little better. That was hilarious.

  2. It was hilarious until I went to find out what the hell the "goatse" link was about. WTF indeed. I am, apparently, an OLD PUNCTUATION-USING FOGEY, otherwise I would have heard about this vileness before. Gah.