Creatures from the deep, beware

Authors, we all know, are temperamental creatures. They can't help it, and we appreciate a little crazy from our creative types. There comes a point, however, when the crazy needs to be countermanded by a few deep breaths and sleeping on a bad review, which author Candace Sams learned the hard way.

When a negative Amazon review popped up, Sams started to respond anonymously, but was quickly outed. Her comments have since been removed (sadly), but there's a round-up of shenanigans here that's worth a look.

But, in case you wanted the short version: it's kind of a train wreck.


  1. I'm wondering what the FBI can possibly do to stop negative reviews.

    It's like an epidemic of writers going off on reviewers.

    Obviously the moral to these stories is: When in a rage, the first thing you need to do is shut down your computer.

  2. Friends don't let friends post drunk.