Cooking with Coolio is my new life

Those averse to vulgarity: maybe don't read this post (or..er...this blog?).

Remember way back in November when we learned about Cooking with Coolio? And it was awesome? Well, Jezebel does a great round up of his current cooking shenanigans. He now has a cooking show (whhaaaat) and was on the Today Show to pimp himself, where he mentioned that he recently saw Julie and Julia, which caused him to get moist in his eye:

Aw, cute, right? Now check out the first episode of his cooking show (which is so beyond NSFW and so, so necessary to watch):

As the man says, this meal will absolutely get you in the panties of a salad eating bitch. The only way this could be any better is if Samuel L. Jackson showed up to yell things about motherfucking spices.

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  1. He's Coolio cool. Never did the caprese with onions and balsamic before. I may try that.