Handwriting is dead, long live the computer

Almost two years ago, Anne Trubek wrote an article declaring the death of handwriting, and people went apeshit. Fast forward to this year, in which she still thinks the same thing, no matter how many people yell. She writes:
Most of us know, but often forget, that handwriting is not natural. We are not born to do it. There is no genetic basis for writing. Writing is not like seeing or talking, which are innate.
Oh, snap. The whole article is really interesting, and recaps a history of the written word and handwriting (really, really briefly). It also says, about A.N. Palmer and his system of handwriting, "He rejected the slightly fey Spencerian for a muscular, rugged script better suited to a commercial culture."

The real question, then, is: did Palmer invent modern handwriting? Or modern MANdwriting?


  1. Okay, that "MANdwriting" bit earns me at least five new portmantbros.

  2. MANdwriting is classic ;)! This is a fascinating article. Thanks for sharing!