Fox News smacks down your e-reader dreams

Yesterday, I said that buying an e-reader is an American, patriotic duty. It turns out (and it pains me to admit it) that I may have been wrong. Why? Because Fox News says not to buy e-readers.

Now, we all know Fox News is never wrong, and they are more American than an apple pie covered in peanut butter wrapped in an American flag smashed with a baseball bat. (For those of you of a non-American persuasion, that is very, very American.) Plus, your e-reader might be spying on you. Back to the traditional paper book and writing on papyrus!


  1. Being an old-fashioned gal, I'm not an e-reader fan but the fact that I have anything in common with Fox News makes me want to rethink my position!

  2. Funny Kristi said that. I was just going to say:
    I predict a lot of paranoid hillbillies and a lot of democrats with e-readers.

  3. It is not just your e-reader. Check out http://www.defectivebydesign.org
    I am making little aluminum foil hats for all my wireless devices.

  4. Wow Richard - stereotype much. As I'm neither a democrat nor paranoid, I found your comment sad.