What to read? Ask a graph

Is it my fault that GraphJam keeps making graphs about books? No. No it is not.

funny graphs and charts



  1. HAHAHAHAHAH :)! Poor, librarians. They must have the patience of saints.

  2. You know, that green one sounds familiar.

    I used to work in a game store and we had customers describe games in a similar manner. "I'm looking for that one game - where you have a card and a thingy and you're supposed to guess." At which point, I could guess what game they're looking for with about a 99% accuracy.

  3. funny, but in my experiences as a bookseller, it doesn't match up. For me the majority of people know what book they're looking for, they just can't find where it's shelved. But it's been a few years so maybe that's changed?