Digging up Shakespeare's trash

Archaeologists are digging up Shakespeare's lawn, in the hopes of finding his shit. His literal shit. Ahem:
Richard Kemp, of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said: “We are hoping to find organic debris that will teach us what the great man had for dinner. Our dream find would be the first draft of The Tempest, which we know Shakespeare did write here.”
I don't know if Shakespeare would approve, but, hey, he's dead. Any bets on what they find? Slash what he might have had for dinner?


  1. I will crack up laughing if they find proof that he actually didn't write a darn thing.

  2. Archaeologists, apparently, know nothing about writers. They will not find the first draft of ANYTHING, because I'm sure the "great man" burned it, convinced that it was the worst thing he'd ever written.

    Too bad we (who know better) can't take bets on that one.

  3. Maybe he ATE his first drafts and this is how they're going to find them.