Silly rejections

PW has a list of ridiculous reasons people have for rejecting books. Por ejemplo:
One of our most loyal, longtime customers flatly dismissed Water for Elephants because "I don't do books about elephants set during the Depression."
You know what? Fair. Elephants have no place in the Depression. Plus, I have a whole list of books I won't read because of the person who recommended them (you get one recommendation to prove your taste isn't terrible. After that, you're on the list), so I can't really judge.

But you know what no one will reject? A book written in a beer box. Just saying.


  1. Wait, "books about elephants set during the Depression" is a full-blown genre now?

    Those beer box books are COOL.

  2. Oh, man, I'm sad those beer box books are sold out! :P I would totally rock the Guinness one!

  3. Oh, I want one of those beer box books in my stocking!Maybe somenone has a stash they're selling on E-Bay.