What your favorite authors say about you (it isn't very good)

Lauren Leto, of Text From Last Night fame, put together an amazeballs list of what types of people like certain authors. My personal favorites:
Dave Eggers: Guys who are in the third coolest frat of a private college.

Nick Hornby: Guys who wear skinny jeans and the girls that love them.

Phillippa Gregory: Women who have repressed their desire to go to Renaissance Festivals

Richard Dawkins: People who have their significant other grab them under the table in order to shut them up whenever someone else at a dinner says something absolutely ridiculous and wrong.
Michael Pollan: The girl who just turned vegan to cover up her eating disorder.
I know that Michael Pollan girl. She is a "model" and "eats," she swears.


  1. Fun share, Laura. But not flattering at all. And I do not sleep so heavily I pee my pants.

    Ok, I was a bed-wetter until I was seven. But that was before I started reading Hawthorne.

    The Michael Pollan one was funny. I thought "veganism" was an eating disorder.

  2. I love Phillippa Gregory but have no repressed desires - I actually go to the Renaissance Festival every year. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have admitted that but it's hard to find giant turkey legs elsewhere :)

  3. Terry--veganism is an eating disorder. An eating disorder of the soul.

    And Kristi, giant turkey legs live exclusively at Renaissance fairs and Disney. Conspiracy? I think so.

  4. Oh, wow. The distressing thing is that list is spot on! I loved the Toni Morrison one: female high school English professors who only have their bachelor's degree. And Dean Koontz: People who would never own a toy breed dog.


  5. Great link. I'm laughing at the Poe one. (Men who live in their mother's basements. Or goth 7th graders.) I think I'll be sharing this list with Hubby soon. And Tucker Max (Guys who haven't convinced their girlfriends to try anal yet.) This list is preventing me from doing work.

    Kristi - beware the giant turkey leg especially on the last weekend of the ren faire. They could end up being a ham hock (true story.)

  6. AHAHAHAHA. Apparently I'm a smark, geeky, bedwetting liar who enjoys bondage, swapping conspiracy theories with others over a nice game of D&D, and lusting after my mother. I will soon buy a Kindle and then accessorize it with a golf head cover just for funsies.

    Also, I haven't read any Richard Dawkins, but apparently, I would enjoy it :P.

    Great list!