Life is full of regrets

Including, sadly, book regrets. Check out this list of books people regret reading. And vote yourself!

And before you say anything: I do think it says something that all of the Twilight books are in the top 5. It says that like everyone has read those books. Aspire to the top of the list, people--no one can regret reading your book if they don't read it.


  1. Just to show how much it really is subjective, I couldn't put down Memoirs of a Geisha. I absolutely loved that book.

  2. Wow, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hatchet, The Name of the Rose, Gone With the Wind, Great Expectations (though this one strikes me as funny), Mulvanyes, Yearling, The Color Purple, and Poinsonwood Bible are regrets?

    It takes all types to make a world, I suppose.

  3. People who voted for Harry Potter just weren't reading it right. ;-)

    I was surprised by quite a few books on that list. I myself only voted for 2 (the lovely bones, and The road (not that i think the road was a bad book, it just left me so depressed for so long that i wished i hadn't read it...)

  4. I signed up just so I could vote.

  5. Is it wrong that after scrollling down the list and seeing how many books I liked on the 'regrets' list, that I started to mark books on that list as 'to read'?