Louisa May Alcott continues to rock

Louisa May Alcott is one of the few authors I would actually like to know more about. And, lucky me, Book Bench let me know that there's a PBS biopic about her life coming out. And there's a video of five things you didn't know:

Oh, LMA, you're so cheeky. And I also just found out that my DVR doesn't let me record things almost 20 days out. Someone remind me to watch this!


  1. I love PBS!!! Can't wait to see this, thanks!

  2. She's a fascinating lady. Spending a day in Concord is like an English major's dream. My highlight was walking upstairs in the Alcott home, and the tour guide saying, "Think how many great writers touched this staircase! Touch it! You may now go out and write the next great American novel."

  3. Sounds interesting . . . except, I already knew four of the five things from the video. I read a few bios of her back in high school.