Spellings, I haz it?

After the previous news about cooking with "ground black people," the Book Bench put together a list of poor spelling and copyediting through history.

This includes the Bible that encourages, "Thou shalt commit adultery." In other news, this Bible has been sanctioned by the Anglican Church to only be valid on opposite day.

PS I considered writing this whole post as a LolCat, but decided against it. Ur welkomz!


  1. I personally find this stuff entertaining, especially on a boring Wednesday.

    LolCat woulda been fun. Maybe.

  2. Ack! Why the heck not?

    What's the opposite of opposite day? Cuz that's the day I follow the bible...

  3. Oh, the "Wicked Bible." Much more fun than that holy one. And you have a rare copy right there in New York.