E-books ruin America, make babies and puppies cry

The people are angry, reader types--angry at the e-book overlords. First they won't display all book covers on iTunes, which makes for the crankness. Very enraging, and it's only the tip of the iceberg!

Then the e-books make it harder to flirt on the subway, because you can't see the cover and strike up a conversation (even when the reader is perhaps actively giving you dissuading vibes and non-committal answers and is on her way to work and doesn't want to talk to anyone and is already lobbying to be one of someone's many fiancees and oh em gee please stop talking to me).

Also, e-books are putting monks out of business. Have ye no decency, sirs?


  1. The poor monks never get a break. First Gutenburg cost them their jobs in the illuminated book industry, now this.

    I have more people asking me about my Kindle than any print book I have ever read. Of course all the questions were about the machine and not the content.

  2. "We're not businessmen, we're monks."

    We should all work that into a conversation at least once.