How to write the sexy bits

Russell Smith put together a guide to writing your own graphic sex in novels (not sex in graphic novels, although perhaps the advice would also apply?). I think the trick might be, "If you are snickering, so is everyone else."


  1. Hm. Not much of an article - to me, anyway. I think it's interesting that some "serious" writers angst over sex scenes, yet never seem to go to the "experts" as it were - romance and erotica authors. Oh, yeah... romance is looked down on by every other genre. No wonder most sex I read in the other genres/ mainstream fiction sucks (and not in the good way *rimshot*).

  2. If I didn't heart you so much, Lucy, I would take you to task for that pun...

  3. LOL@Lucy.

    I think that writer was more interested in promoting his book, but he made some good points.

    G.R.R. Martin writes those sorts of things rather well. Jacqueline Carey does, too, come to think of it.

    He almost gave some good advice, when he said he tried to write a pornographic novel.

    It could be much simpler. Write a short story for your significant other. If they start giggling, rip it up and try again. That's the practice. You have an interested audience, but if it's bad, they'll hopefully still tell you.

    Do that enough times, and it won't be so intimidating in the context of a larger story. Worst case scenario, you spark up your love life.