Decoding Palin, don'tcha know

Honestly, I can't remember if Sarah Palin ever said "don'tcha know" or if that was only the mom from Bobby's World, but either way, I think the point is made that Palin has some great folksy shit to say. Luckily, for those of us too bourgeois to understand the peasant dialect she speaks, a translation has arrived.

But seriously, it's a really interesting analysis of how Palin speaks, and how she conveys her message through her style. You betcha!


  1. I think I suffer from parataxis, too, but only when I'm in Manhattan.I keep forgetting to say, between this avenue and that avenue, after I've told the driver the street address.

  2. I'm with SarahAnn. Bobby's World was the last worthwhile thing Howie Mandel did.