I will break you! Son of a biscuit.

This video is dual purpose: it is hilarious, and it quells my desire to have kids. They are loud, and, in this case, super rude. I would have been in time out about 15 times during this 10 minute video if I had pulled these stunts when I was 3. Actually, I would still be in time out now.End digression, commence video!

To quote Zaylee: I will break you! If you don't watch this. Although if you watch the outtakes, you worry that this is how the Britney Spears-es and Lindsay Lohans of the world got started. First it's a Flip camera and some chocolate chips, next it's Disney stardom and rehabs. Stay strong, Zaylee!


  1. Two reactions.

    First, the horrible thought that some adult is "raising" this brat.

    Second, that we will pass our national debt on to Zaylee when she gets

  2. Christ, what a little bitch.

  3. Anon, I think you mean, "what a little biscuit."

    But in seriousness, yea, she's a poorly behaved child, but at age 3 this looks like a serious parenting fault. What kind of dad allows a little girl to yell, "SHUT UP OLD MAN!" at him without some serious repercussions?

    It's like having a morbidly obese 3 year old--yea, the kid should be eating less and exercising more, but that's a serious parenting fail more than anything else. Parents: less McDonald's, more timeouts!

  4. Holy crap, I'm still twitching...

    I have a three year old, and two other children who were once three as well. Let's just say this *isn't* the norm.

    Otherwise I might explode :)

  5. I can't see taking pride in that behavior. Posting it to the internet? To anyone who doesn't have a child: this is not only not normal but it's definitely not the child's fault. Spoiler: That IS how you make a Lindsay Lohan. So. Save up for rehab.

    Behind the camera: This is hilarious! She's gonna make a fortune! Oh look, she's giving me the finger! Hilarity!