Reading at Rikers

Jamie Niehof, an intern with the Correctional Services Program, wrote a post for the New York Public Library about running the library at Rikers. My favorite part was:
Each prisoner is allowed one book and one magazine. The most popular books are by far James Patterson's novels, so popular in fact that we have to lock them up after book service because they tend to disappear. I wonder if James Patterson has any idea. National Geographic is the magazine of choice, and there is an entire box of them to choose from, some as far back as the early 80's. Urban magazines and books were in high demand, with almost no supply.
God, James Patterson is popular literally everywhere.


  1. I was in a writing class once with a crack addict. She spent a lot of time in jail. She said prisoners love to read and they mostly like crime novels. Go figure.

  2. Terry, most professionals enjoying reading about what others are doing in their profession.

    My question is how many of those James Patterson books did James Patterson actually write.