I super do want an iPad, it turns out

So, yea, I think in theory the iPad has a lot of weird problems, and I understand that no Flash, and no USB ports, and the weird keyboard issues, are all bad. And these beautifully rounded up iPad skeptics do point to something important.

But...it is so. Shiny. Apple, how do you make everything so desirable? Clearly the answer is that Steve Jobs is a wizard.


  1. I was allllll ready to hate the iPad. And then I saw one. Delicious.

  2. I share your desires for the shiny iPad. E-comic books? Graphic art such as newspapers comics strips collections are among the few books that trees die so I can read. I am known some places on the web as Yupyop, a character from a long gone comic strip called "King Aroo". I waited for Kindle 2, and have avoided Nook 1 (by downloading their free e-reader for my Mac). Remember the lessons of the iPhone and how all the suckers...uh early owners were not happy when the price dropped and newer and shinier ones came out. IPad 2 is going to be so much better and cheaper I plan to taunt those stuck with their antique iPad.

  3. okay, so I was SURE I wanted one. So much so that I went to the apple store and everything. Tried it out, and was like... meh.... this is just a giant iPhone. :)

  4. I dunno. A coworker just got hers and LEFT IT SITTING ON TOP OF HER DESK for hours while she was in a meeting. I, of course, rounded up as many people as I could to go look at it like we were at the effing iPad zoo.

    I have to say, though. I think it looks sort of silly and rather cumbersome. It's not a very good size, is it?