Literary comic time

Some people seem to prefer Hark! A vagrant to Qwantz. In the interest of fairness, check out this series of Hark! A vagrant comics about The Great Gatsby. And then we can vote and all agree that Qwantz is number one.


  1. As "some people" know Hark! A Vagrant is the best. Does Qwantz ever mention books by Jules Verne ("20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) or salute Gorey covers to great novels? I think not.

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    And scroll down to enjoy several examples of why Qwantz reads Hark! A Vagrant.

  2. It is too early to declare a winner. The results in makes this race too close to call. But I think that is how it should be. Who was it that said the quality of literature can not be judged by the quantity of readers. I think it was Stephanie Meyer.