Rags to riches is much better than rags to rags

We all love Susan Boyle (or we did the first time we heard her, at any rate) because she was so unexpected, and it was nice to root for someone for once, instead of tearing someone down. This is the underlying theory behind Tatjana Soli's formula for writers to like as people, and honestly, I think it's a pretty solid formula, because it's hard to root for the Lauren Conrad-as-author types of the world.

So here's a "hurrah" for all of you currently humble, quirky job havers, who will one day shoot to immortality (and hopefully not for falling down in a YouTube video). As for me, my story will track my meteoric rise to fame from humble waffle and burrito connoisseur to...er...arrogant waffle and burrito connoisseur. Bask in my humble glory while you can!


  1. Speaking of waffles... http://www.waffleizer.com/

  2. You'll probably fare better as a waffle and burrito connoisseur than as a fiction writer.


  3. Every time I see the Waffelizer I think to myself, "Eff publishing, I should be a waffle blogger." Well, at least Terry is basking...thanks Terry!