I think I'm turning Japanese, in order to write my cellphone novel

15 year-old "Bunny" wrote a three volume novel on her cellphone, which has been turned into a paperback and has sold over 110,000 copies and grossed more than $611,000. She's a Japanese high school student, who doesn't want her friends to know she's been writing because "It's embarassing." Dude, seriously, all of my writing profits are also an embarrassment. An embarrassment of riches! (Zing.)

The moral here is that I need to become a 15 year Japanese girl. This is only doable through MySpace or creepy chat rooms. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


  1. I can't stand typing even an email on my blackberry. A three-volume novel?!

  2. Also, thank you to Michael who read my mind and emailed me about this just before it popped up here!

  3. "It's embarrassing." Too Funny. I'm beginning to feel the same way about being a writer.

    Have fun in those creepy chat rooms.

  4. I'm writing a comedic romance novella on my blog, but at least I have a real keyboard. The last installment is coming this weekend...for Valentine's Day!