Reality TV infects romance novels

In case you are too old for a personalized children's book with your name featured prominently, you can showcase your love in the new Vows imprint of HCI, which "will match romance writers with real life couples, turning the wedding column into steamy nonfiction."

So if your sex life isn't weird enough, you can now read someone else's steamy interpretation of your romance. Hell, send me $5 and a waffle recipe, and I will write you a story about your romance with a zombicorn (or in which you and your lover defeat a zombicorn? I'm flexible). It'll be super steamy.


  1. Laura, were you trying to go for a record on links on this post? LOL

  2. First, I wish to say that unicorns would SO win in a zombie fight. THEY FART RAINBOWS. I believe I've said enough.

    I was up for a job at Vows, but then they read my comment about the polar ice caps and called it off. What do they have against lame sex euphamisms? That's all I have, as a romance writer.

    Word verification: venelly. I think the WV is on my side.