Updated children's classics

Disney is updating Harriet the Spy so Harriet a blogger, not a journal writer, and Jezebel has gone the extra mile to update the plots of classic kid's books. My favorite update is for The Twits:
This Roald Dahl classic is tailor-made for a social media updating. Mr. and Mrs. Twit are two online misanthropes who use their shared Twitter account to say mean things about people. Then they learn that Twitter is for niceness, and everyone lives happily ever after.
I think this is great because we are all these kind of twits (internet jerks, unite!), but also because my favorite part of The Twits was that Mr. Twit would store food in his beard, and they could totally keep that part in the remake. Always made me wish I had a beard.

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  1. But will they update The Bobbsey Twins so that they do not have a lovely "colored" couple named Sam and Dinah (Sam's teeth look really white next to his skin) who are apparently delighted to be Mrs. Bobbsey's personal step-and-fetch it?