Reading reality in television

As we all know, reality TV is 100% unscripted, and the editing does not in any way shape people into characters or make mountains out of molehills. I know this because I watch Jersey Shore, the greatest reality show of our time. For those of us who want to emulate the stellar cast of this show, Lit Drift put together a reading list for the cast of Jersey Shore (if they ever deign to crack open a book, that is).

If Jersey Shore isn't quite your style, and you prefer the (kind of eh but I guess okay) drama of the Hills, Lauren Conrad has done an interview with EW about her writing (warning: do not read if you are an aspiring author who does not want to hear that someone made the NYTimes bestseller list after mostly reading SparkNotes and Goodnight Moon her whole life).

And if you'd rather skip the whole reality trope (although I have to tell you, you're missing out), someone finally read Dustin Diamond's book and unearthed the juicy behind the scenes bits from Saved by the Bell. Spoiler: it mostly involves drugs and a lot of sex.

So, does anyone else think they made a major life mistake by not trying harder to be a famewhore? ...Me either.

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