I am right, once again, this time about hell

For avid readers (hi dad!), you will remember that I mentioned the EA game based on Dante's Inferno. The rest of The Divine Comedy was too boring for a video game, but the Inferno--that's where it's at.

While I suggested a follow-up game based on The Decameron, EW put together a good list of other potential book-to-game options, including:
Don Quixote: A lot like the old arcade game Joust, except your enemy is a windmill.
Catch-22: There is no way to beat this game.
I need to start playing more video games.

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  1. Finnegan's Wakeboarding. DAMN.

    Okay, how about a Fear & Loathing series? It's like Grand Theft Auto, except instead of shooting people and losing life points, you do drugs and lose sanity/sobriety points.