A Steel-y gaze and a beach house later

Danielle Steel, queen of romance (and also not romance, as she will tell you), has had her fair share of homes, and has recently bought a beach house that she has, for the first time, decorated to her liking:
The main theme seen throughout the three-bedroom, one-story home is hearts, which appear in paintings, in prints and via pillows. Reds, oranges, pinks and lime greens jump out from paintings, sculptures and objects, and heart pillows are inscribed with sayings ("Real love stories never have endings," reads one). Ms. Steel's bed, situated underneath a heart painting, is covered with heart pillows, stuffed animals and cloth dolls.
All I have to say is hells yes, decorating to make yourself happy. I wish I didn't live with someone with opinions slash didn't rent slash had the money to redecorate, because I would live in an under the sea apartment. What's that? I can't hear your judgment through the ocean sounds on the white noise machine and the constantly looping Shark Week footage.


  1. I would have upholstered walls. Not to be confused with a padded cell, which might also apply.

  2. All those hearts and pink. Over-the-top girlie. I'm into Spanish Colonial.

    The undersea apartment has promise though. Large windows, you could feel like you were in an aqaurium. Put a shark feeder in your backyard. Then again, that might not be the best idea.

  3. Shark Week ROCKS.

    Word verification: "feedin"

    Damn right!

  4. What I want to do know is: since this is the first that she decorated to suit herself and not anybody else -- WHO WANTED THE TAXIDERMY IN THE PARIS APARTMENT?????

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