Lost reading, for when Lost isn't on

I am an unabashed J.J. Abrams fan. I watched Alias for years, even when it went insane and everyone (especially the writers) lost the plot thread, and I am a (charmingly) rabid Lost fan. Because it is the greatest show, in the history of time. Eric disagrees, and I recommend that you leave anti-Lost comments on his blog, because I will not support those shenanigans here.


There are a ton of details to sift through, and Flavorwire very thoughtfully put together the best books from Lost, in terms of literary-ness, not Lost importance.


  1. I have come to think of all reading as "reading for when Lost isn't on." It's a sad but sorry truth.

  2. I say we send the smoke monster to, ahem, "teach a lesson to" anyone who bashes LOST.