The past life of the writer

Jean Hannah Edelstein makes a really great point about the things we choose to remember about authors. The Costa award lists a winner as "Former scooter salesman Raphael Selbourne," which Edelstein tsk tsks at. Selbourne had done a number of other things, but scooter salesman is the most romantic (quirky? Interesting?) thing they came up with.

I don't know about you, but I do not want to known as "Laura who once worked at a Mexican restaurant," unless I am being recognized for being a burrito connoisseur (which, by the way, I am).

Respect people's boring jobs as well!


  1. That's why bios are so annoying to write. You try to weave the tedium of your life into a fascinating snippet and end up with a heavy emphasis on the weekend you spent cleaning bloodstains from Adrian Zmed's hotel room.

  2. A burrito connoisseur. Who wouldn't be proud of that?

    bingol, the blood stain story is intriguing, you must admit.

    I suppose I'll be saddled with those artist model gigs.

  3. If only it were true!

    I'm never sure if I should lie while writing my bios. I mean, I'm a friggin' _novelist_. I lie for a living.