Mon dieu, racist Gerard Depardieu!

Given our previous Alexandre Dumas news, it should come as no surprise that the man is a drama storm. Gerard Depardieu was cast to play Dumas in a biopic, in which he darkens his skin and changes his hair to play the biracial author, a la Ben Kingsley as Ghandi.
Non-white celebrities, some Dumas experts and black organisations are angry because they say that the producers missed a chance to celebrate ethnic diversity in France and remind the world of the writer’s origins. “There is a mechanism of permanent discrimination by silence,” Jacques Martial, a black actor, said.
France has a pretty terrible record when it comes to not being racist (and religiously tolerant), so I am not surprised that people are mad.

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  1. Actually, the problem as I see it is that people aren't at all upset here in France since most French people never learn anything about Dumas being of Haitian descent in the first place! They manage to skip over this fact in the French education system.

    Depardieu getting "Blacked up" is the least of France's problems!