Medicine and the Bible

Seriously, this is great.


  1. This was good. Thanks for posting. Interesting stuff.

  2. Cool article. The implication that Christianity or Judaism teach that disease only afflicts the righteous is false.

    This concept is universal across religion. It is the normal psychological tendency to seek reason when there is none. In Greco-roman mythology misfortune and illness were the actions of capricious gods, for example.

    In actual scripture, there are examples of the righteous being stricken for no apparent reason (Namaan, Job) as well as mercy for the iniquitous when none was warranted.

    We often blame religion for the failings of humanity when in fact, if humanity held closer to study of religion many of these pitfalls would be avoided. Judging someone for being sick is not Judeo-Christian, it's merely a tool for the weak minded to rationalize "that could never happen to me."