The structure of true romance

I am in love with this guide to writing romances, with interviews from some of the most prolific Mills & Boon writers. Because most genre is incredibly formulaic, the incredible output of thrillers, space operas, and yes, romances from a stable of authors is all the more impressive.

While I'm sure many consider success to be personal recognition from the public and Safran Foer-ness, I consider it fiscal, not artistic, and would loooove this kind of stable (in both the secure and the horses senses) writing work. Mills & Boon, or, hey, Harlequin, call me. I have no idea how to write any of this stuff believably or well, but I will take your money and help comment on your covers.

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  1. Fun links. Thanks. But, The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress?

    What good is a virgin mistress?

    On second thought... Had to put my guy hat on there to figure that one out. Or should I say my cowboy hat.