Never give up, never surrender

One, I think Eric already used this post title. Two, it is more apt here, because this is about people who can't quit any book, even the bad ones. I suffer from this disease! It is frigging terrible! I would love to quit sometimes, but I just. Can't. Toby Lichtig sums it up:
I read the first few pages of a book, I can't quite get into it, but I struggle on until I'm a third of the way through and after that I simply have to reach the final page. It's not exclusive to novels. It's not even just to find out what happens. I think it's more compulsive than that: something to do with being assured that I've actually read the damn thing and not wasted my time on only some of it.
Seriously, this man is in my head. Please cure me.


  1. I'm a literary tease. If they start to bore me, it's over. I've dropped some, though, only to pick them up later and enjoy them.

    Maybe you should try that, tuck them away on your book shelves and tell yourself, another day I'll pick it up again when I'm more in the mood.

  2. I am currently reading over a half a dozen books at once. I never quit a book, but often it gets lost in my pile of books and I forget to finish it. It is not always the book's fault. My moods change usually caused by things I am doing between reading (something many refer to as "life"). I have hated a book, placed it at the back of the line, and when I returned to it I suddenly loved the book. It can be enlightening to read more than one book at a time. Once I read two different "cozy" at the same time (Donna Andrews and Laura Levine). Suddenly their differences, formats and styles became very clear.
    Sometimes I feel like reading a light mystery or sf, sometimes I enjoy serious fiction. You know, "sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't".

  3. I am exactly the same way. If I don't finish it, then I can't claim that I've actually read it. And what did I put all those painful hours in for??

    P.S. Am a giant fan of your blog, but never get to comment because blogspot doesn't operate correctly at work. Huzzah for snow days and commenting from the comfort of my bed.

    Keep on keepin' on.