Be with the one you love...unless that one is imaginary

At Shelf Life they ask: what literary character are you in love with? This is a very important question, because it tells you a lot about you. Examples:

You love Mr. Darcy: you wish you wore hoop skirts and are full of sass.
You love Edward Cullen: you are dead to me.

For those of you who realize you can't date a fictional character (sorry, lovelies), you can at least live vicariously through these literary matches, characters who would love each other...if they were real.


  1. If you love Mr. Darcy, you are NOT wearing hoop skirts. I'm shocked you'd make that kind of a fashion mistake!

  2. If you love Mr. Darcy, you're probably wearing a straight jacket, not hoop skirts. Since he's, you know, fake.

    Seriously, though, that guy is like the exact opposite of what women REALLY look for in men. Except in the &Zombies edition, I guess. Because women always look for men who can kill a zombie.

  3. Nancy--I am a walking fashion faux pas. You're wearing crinolines? Petticoats? Help a lady out!

    Maybe if you're in love with Almanzo Wilder you're wearing hoop skirts? I think I remember that happening...

    And Richard, that is EXACTLY what the ladies look for. Zombie protection is key in this day and age.

  4. If you love Mr. Darcy you have ugly hair. Really, I hate that damn time period.

    I love Dr. Radcliffe Emerson from Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series, which means I am a Certified Lady Adventurer!