Anonymous publishing bloggers? I have not heard of this phenomenon.

Publishing: super mysterious! Blogs: super anonymous! Entry level publishing people: folks who think that working in publishing will give them some secret handshake that will get their great American novels published, and anonymously blogging will somehow get them from point unpublished to point Grisham!

Someone in England has noticed that there are a lot of anonymous publishing blogs that demystify the process.

I, for one, can safely say that I have never ever heard of this.

Bask in the glory, folks. Bask in it.


  1. tee hee... every word has a link. You rock.

  2. The anti-anonymous group misses the reason I read anonymous comments. What is said is more important to me than who says it.
    I'd rather read an entertaining thought provoking "Intern" than a dull Mr. Random House quoting the company PR. Truth is perspective and does not depend on your name.

    Luckily, we read Ms. Ombreviations here so this does not need worry us.

  3. Okay, we will bet you money that unless publishing is very, very different in the UK, none of the ladies whose blogs are cited in that Guardian article actually work in the industry.