The zombies are tweeting, hide your brains

Well, technically, the zombies are being tweeted about. Manvszombies is a Twitter feed that chronicles the zombie apocalypse. Two of my favorites thus far are:
Sometimes when I'm bored I look out the window and imagine a fireball whizzing down the block. I think that actually just happened.
Even the zombies are getting into it. They seem to be BBQing. I could have sworn one muttered, "Oooh, the boob meat is tender."
I almost wish zombie novels and Twitters were not so amazing, because I cannot stop reading them and they routinely scare the crap out of me, and then all  of a sudden it is 4am and I am planning my zombie escape plan (it is very, very detailed. Spots on my survival team are still open). I read somewhere around 100 books a year, and World War Z is the only one I routinely recommend to people.

And so, as someone who is 100% objective, all of the time, I can safely say: zombies are awesome.


  1. I have a friend who is writing a gay zombie romance. Do you think there's a market for such a story?

  2. That's so awesome to hear because when I've told people I've written a zombie YA novel (which is now safely tucked away in Word while I complete my newest WIP) I get alot of blank stares or "ewws", or "cool"--mostly from guys. Not so with my newest even though it's also a paranormal romance. Zombies either get love or hate responses.
    But I notice zombie events alot more now--there's an annual zombie parade in my town that I never knew about until last year, (I've considered passing out my manuscript to the "zombies" for critiques)and next week I've been invited to an "eat brains" zombie party--go figure! Now I'm off to follow this Twitter feed!
    Take care!

  3. Ah, Laura, I knew you'd come around to the zombie side sooner or later. No cookies here, though. Brains only.
    I *heart* zombie stuff, thanks to my husband. Before him, I couldn't stand any of it. He is a true zombie fanatic. He rents movies by the truckload from redbox on a weekly basis, and half of them are always zombie movies. I'm surprised there are still some out there he hasn't seen yet.
    Anyway, one of my favorite stories that he's written is a zombie sci-fi, and it involves a guy that drives a hearse around the city and destroys zombies with a reaper's scythe (and occasionally, an EMP (brain chips) or the more badass firearm). And his sidekick? A teenage guy with a Twinkie addiction.
    Yeah. That's not even the best part. But if I say anymore he'll eat my brain later. Probably shouldn't even have said that much (it's not published yet), but whatever. I love that story. :)

  4. We routinely discuss the Zombie apocalypse in my house. It's our favorite "pocy". We even have city escape plans and roles for each family member.
    Sigh. Zombies. Is there anything better?

  5. Now i have something else to follow on Twitter. There's also @zombiehorde.

    And file under blatant self-promotion: every Thursday on my blog (Slice of Blog Pie), is Zombie Thursday.

  6. It's very good to know everyone loves zombies so much. My agent has two YA zombie novels of mine out on submission now. One from the pov of a teenage zombie, too. I hope you guys will check it out when it's published.

  7. I also hope that my fallout shelter with motion sensor activated landmines and other cool booby traps (like a pack of wild ninjas being released whenever the sound of a zombie moan is heard, and sharp lawnmower blades hidden in the ground) is built before the zombie apocalypse comes.

  8. Lydia--do you think we could make brain cookies? Or throw one of these in some punch? You know what they say about Jello--it's alive!

    And Richard: I have nominated you for my zombie survival squad, and would appreciate my own ninja pack.

  9. Richard,
    I am SO getting your book. You MUST let me know the moment it is available. In fact, if you need people to do a pre-publish review, I'm in. And for the sole reason that you wrote a YA zombie novel, your blog has been linked to mine. That is just beyond cool. And for me, that's saying something, because I'm generally not a fan of YA.

    Brain cookies I can do, but WTF is THAT?!!! Are you sure it's Jell-O? Seriously. I almost barfed (80's lingo flashback) when I clicked on your link. Thanks.

  10. Oh and Richard, I almost forgot. You're actually not far from me in terms of physical location. We could SO do a release party type thing. Expect brain cookies by the truckload.

  11. Oh man. Trucks of brain cookies for the release party! I cannot wait! Actually, Lydia, get ahold of me through email and let's work something out about that review and release party. While I don't know how to get ahold of any brains, I DO know the guys that run the Cleveland Heights Borders.