Selena is channeled by someone other than Jennifer Lopez

Fact: Selena was a great pop star. Fact: she is dead. Fact: that has not stopped her from penning a memoir from beyond the grave.

With her publicist, Cristina Castrellón, and the help of medium/psychic Georgette Rivera, Selena has written this memoir in three parts:
The first is Castrellón’s account of her time with Selena when she was alive–Castrellón was a publicist of the artist’s who worked with her from 1993 to 1995. The second part of the book contains [Castrellón's] communications from Selena through Rivera including information about what really happened the night she was murdered....The the third part of the book tells the story of how Castrellón and Rivera met in Mexico at a lecture...
It's clear that Castrellón is dreaming of Selena tonight. Till tomorrow she'll be holding her tight, and there's no where else she'd rather be, than there in her room, dreaming about...er...Selena. In other news, I am not a lyricist, but I am trying.

I wonder if JLo will be available to recreate Selena's message from beyond the grave.

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