J.K. Rowling saves economy, world

The Economist contends that J.K. Rowling has done more for the economy than just about, well, anyone. And, if you think about it, she wrote seven bestsellers, which became (slash will become) eight blockbuster films, and inspired a freaking theme park. Says producer David Heyman, "When we stop filming next May, at least 800 people will be looking for work."

I think we should all take a page from Ms. Rowling's book, and aspire to create jobs by selling a bajillion copies of a series.


  1. Falen, is that the literary equivalent of calling shotgun? Because if so, you can't call it until you can see the car...err...book deal.

  2. Sweet! Now when people ask what I do, I'm just going to tell them that I save the economy for a living. :)

  3. dammit! fine fine, i'll wait until it's in my view...