Dude looks like a lady?

Everyone has a Shakespeare theory, and the new one is that he was really the bastard Jewish daughter of an Italian court musician, Amelia Bassano Lanier. This is meant to explain Shakespeare's musical references, his knowledge of court, his hints of Hebrew and his references to Mediterranean locales. However:
“John's evidence is entirely circumstantial, or depends on quasi-allegorical readings of the texts,” says Kate McLuskie, director of the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham. “It is elegant and ingenious, but has no documentary foundation – a beautiful story that is not less beautiful for being entirely false.”
The article also contains a list of Shakespeare contenders (besides, you know...Shakespeare).


  1. All right, all right - I'll admit it. I'M Shakespeare. I've been time traveling. I also wrote under the name Virginia Woolf, Goethe, and Voltaire.

    In all seriousness, can't we just let Shakespeare have his moments?

  2. I'm going to have that title song in my head all day now.

  3. The academic article of Amelia Bassano and a video documentary are available at