Reading may or may not improve your sex life

Evan Maloney at the Guardian writes about being a book reader in a relationship. He says we can assign a value judgement to readers:
Reading literature can...give humans a stronger understanding of and empathy for others....Great literature gives us the power to imagine what the world is like for people whose lives are vastly different from our own: it can challenge our prejudices and, if we're lucky, make us a little wiser, offering us a deeper understanding of what it sometimes means to be a living, individual human being.
Er, or maybe not:
On the other hand, there's ample evidence that voracious readers aren't always wise or empathetic characters. Hitler's library contained more than 16,000 volumes.
Maloney also says it's possible to be in a committed relationship with a non-reader, but I'm not so sure. Since everything I do and think and say is absolutely perfect, why would I want someone who didn't do and think and say all of the same things? In other news, I am working on cloning technology, so I can clone and date myself.

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  1. eh, i have a clone (being as that i'm an identical twin) and you just tend to argue about little things.
    However i always have a kidney if i need one...