Grammar lovers beware: People realize language evolves

Stop the presses: some grammar rules do not predate the English language. Once a year somebody pops up and tries to say that grammar rules shouldn't apply because they were different in Shakespeare's day. Apparently, "the grammatical doomsayers had better find themselves some chill pills fast, because the crimes-against-the-language rate is going to skyrocket here in the electronic age."

As a grammatical doomsayer, I say boo, grammar whiners--just because you plan on breaking the rules more often doesn't mean I have to chill out. There are certain standards the English speaking world ascribes to, and to pretend like they're not important because they are somewhat arbitrary is ridiculous. Saying Lord Byron spelled and punctuated differently doesn't change the fact that modern standards do not include replacing c's with k's (even for krazy kars!) or pluralizing with z's. Grammar is for klarity, reader types, and is also just a klassy way to be.


  1. My least favorite: I "could have went" to the store yesterday, but I didn't.

  2. I am reading my friend's copy of EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES and I am loving it! I need to buy my own copy so that I can draw little hearts all over the cover.

  3. Grammar is for klarity, reader types, and is also just a klassy way to be.

    For realz.

  4. Before you buy your own copy, Vonna, read this review!


  5. And also consider my favorite of grammar books, When You Catch an Adjective, Kill It. It. Is. Delicious.