Reading solves problems, including global hunger and depression

In response to Marian Keyes' recent blog post about her depression, Wayne Gooderham writes about how books can help us deal with the down points in our lives. Jezebel did a great round up of Keyes' history of depression and addiction, as well as her wicked sense of humor. Gooderham writes:
For, while I don't believe that literature alone can cure depression (the importance of therapy, counselling, medication, lifestyle choices and so on cannot be underestimated) I do believe that literature can help one deal with this debilitating illness. At the very least, after a period when even the idea of reading seems an alien concept, to find oneself reading – and enjoying – a book again can come as an immense relief: an indication that one is beginning to emerge from beneath a dark cloud that at one time seemed endless.
A friend told me once her mental health reads were Marian Keyes, interestingly enough. Any happy reads you guys have?


  1. Thanks for posting this. She lost her husband so I can see why she's depressed, history of depression or not.

    I feel sorry for her. I never suffered depression until I suffered a terrible loss. But reading was a life saver, probably literally. I couldn't focus on the TV or rented movies but books, yes.

    The first ones I read were about people going through terrible ordeals. Yes, misery loves company. Anything "uplifting" would not work. After a time, I went back to my murder mysteries.

  2. The only time i suffered a bout of depression was when i worked at a soul crushing job, and my dog died at age 16.
    When i got a new job, the depression lifted along with the grief.

    That said, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban always makes me happy. And it's a quick read!