Crotch bomber may work for traditional publishing, is also a dick

As we all know, the crotch bomber tried to ruin America and Christmas by exploding a plane, but only succeeded in burning his testicles (one hopes very, very badly) before being jumped by a Dutch film director. The director subsequently made a ton of money off of his story, thus earning his American citizenship through a love of capitalism.

As a result, the TSA, known for its sanity and non-reactionary decisions, discussed banning anything vaguely electronic and standing during the last hour of international flights to the US (and then subpoenaed the bloggers who published the potential policy leak. Class. Act). So what isn't electronic, and can keep someone sitting and entertained for at least an hour? Clearly books!

Thus, books are the result of stopping terrorism. QED, folks.


  1. Too funny. The news media has clearly gone to the dogs, or is it the foxes?

  2. wait - you even make waffle ICE CREAM??!

  3. hmm, apparently the above comment appeared on the wrong post... What is UP with my computer?
    Anyway, what I meant to say here is that I think the title for this post is one of the best ones ever written - it has "crotch" and "dick" in it, and yet, is unrelated to porn!

  4. Falen, you have seen through my simple ruse of porn titles for non-porn posts!

    And I will be battering some ice cream and will let you know if I burn down my apartment (not with a dinosaur menorah this time!)

  5. Ah, the TSA... A perfect agency for a nation of cowards, always ready to give up their freedom in the name of security.