Stop, drop and roll: Twilight is coming

Are you ready for some Twilight? ...No? Too early? Well, sack up, people—the new movie comes out Friday, and, while it may be a B-movie, the screams of Twi-hards the world round may or may not create Higgs boson particles and potentially destroy the universe (suck on that, Large Hadron Collider).

In the hopes of full preparedness, you should check out these Twilight products (kind of NSFW, unless your employers are ok with sparkly dildos and face panties). Gawker has some great stories with each product, that have scarred me for at least the rest of the day.

If these things aren't permanent enough for you, check out this HuffPo gallery of Twilight tattoos. For those of you who are avid fans of me (hi Grandma!), you'll remember I linked to a different gallery of Twilight tattoos way back in July, but never fear—I only see one tattoo overlap. And yes, there are Twilight tramp stamps (take that, word of the year).

So take a bite (hilarious!) of what's out there. And don't worry—it's kosher.


  1. Why, why, why? Is this to get even with me for not telling you about the waffle bacon?

    The his and hers "lion" and "lamb" defies all that is holy and sacred in this world.

    I guess there is a reason that tattoo removal is the number one cosmetic procedure in the US.

  2. Don't forget to put your sparkly dildo in the fridge for an "authentic" experience!

  3. Well, that sure beats the tasmanian devil on butt-cheek trend. DEAR GOD WE DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD ANY MORE

  4. I actually went to a hilarious Twilight party last night and my friends made sure I had a ticket for the opening night of New Moon. I'm going along for the ride but being a YA writer, I'm actually interested to hear the comments from the multitude of teenage girls that will be out in droves for the movie.