Harlequin Horizons is no more (sort of)

I posted about Harlequin Horizons last week, and Janet Reid has done all the hard work rounding up the outrage and shenanigans for me here, here, and here.

I've more or less exhausted my thirty second attention span for this issue, but I thought I'd fill you in on (what I hope is) the end of the shenanigans: Harlequin Horizons is dying, but only technically, because they're changing the name to not refer to Harlequin any more.

They haven't said they're dissolving the partnership or giving up any potential profits, nor have they decided to remove the plug for the vanity press in rejection letters. But they're going to distance themselves by changing the name of a controversial project.

Everybody wins!

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  1. This whole poo storm has just blown my mind :P. It has been fascinating to follow the agents' takes on it, though! Thanks for the round up :).