Creationists and Darwin, sitting in a tree

Sort of. Well, I don't know if they're sitting in the tree so much as swinging from its branches, because we're all monkeys. It's science!

Living Waters, an evangelical organization, will be distributing On the Origin of Species on 100 college campuses, with a condemning 50 page introduction (you can download the PDF here). Unfortunately, they stopped just short of making sassy annotations and, as Pimp My Novel's Eric said, "shitting on his parade."

Darwin does not like having his parade shat on, people. Shit not on Darwin, or face his evolutionary wrath.


  1. Especially since I am part of said parade. I do not appreciate being shat on. Not one bit.

  2. Apples don't fall very far from the tree, except when the tree is at the top of a steep hill--in which case they can roll for a really long distance.