Oxford has been unfriended

I'm sorry, Oxford. You chose "unfriend" as your word of 2009 over "tramp stamp," and I will never forgive you.

I guess technically "tramp stamp" is a phrase, not a word, but it's on the list of contenders (below "sexting" and "teabagger"). And your definition is so, so choice:
tramp stamp: a tattoo on the lower back, usually on a woman
Usually on a woman? The gauntlet is thrown, readers. Find me a man with a tramp stamp, and you will get the $20 I'm getting from Moonrat for "helping" with her troll problem.*

*This is totally void if I never get paid, which is, sadly enough, more than likely.


  1. Is there anything I won't do for $20?

    Well, other than get a tramp stamp myself?


  2. Ooh, emotionally scarred! If my $20 come through, you know I'll pass it right along...

  3. I always thought it was "defriend" rather than "unfriend". You know, like "delouse"?

  4. I knew someone who thought that 'befriend' meant 'unfriend'.

    "Yeah, we were close for years, but then I befriended her."

    And Laura, don't sweat the $20. I'll just start spamming you with what I _really_ want ...